Dr. Ken Harris

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Transformational Teacher – Healer – Speaker – Author

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Wayne Dyer Wisdom Community

Wayne Dyer Wisdom Community

Dr. Harris joins Nadia Delacruz once again in a special live broadcast for the Wayne Dyer Wisdom Community! Dr. Harris was a friend and chiropractor to Dr. Wayne Dyer. In this episode, we're talking about health, healing, and Synchronicity. Change Your Thoughts -...

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Transformational Teacher and Speaker

Dr. Ken Harris speaks on topics that touch the heart and soul. The experience will leave you inspired and motivated, as well as uplifted and entertained.

As an educator, lecturer, presenter and keynote speaker, Dr. Ken Harris has facilitated numerous seminars and workshops. He speaks on subjects of spirituality, personal development, mindfulness and natural health.

Spiritual Healer

Dr. Ken Harris is a facilitator of a spiritual practice of Attunement. Unlike energy healing modalities or chiropractic adjustments, Attunement is not designed to treat an illness or a disease. Attunement reconnects personality to a Soul and increases the flow of life-giving energy through the body, into the world.

Attunement is a practice of spiritual centering and flow which promotes health and well-being.

Praise and Testimonials

“I felt like I was transported to a heavenly place and I did not want to return back here to earth”.

Wayne Dyer

Spiritual teacher and author of more than 40 books on health and healing

How you can work with Dr. Ken Harris

Receive an Attunement

Connect to the Source of life within you through an Attunement

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Speak with Dr. Ken Harris over the phone for 30 min or 1 hour

What you can experience

Reconnect with your life purpose and heal from within

Dr. Ken Harris is a rare individual who studies, lives and applies the laws of success and continues to do so in a truly authentic and spiritual way. He inspires and engages those he comes in contact with because he is such a master connector of people and big ideas. Ken is a gifted healer and teacher as he practiced for more than forty years serving generations of patients to reconnect with their life purpose and to heal from within.

Bob Hoffman D.C.

The Masters Circle, President and CEO

Experience your true soul self

Thanks to Dr. Ken, I have experienced an energy release! I had my first attunement yesterday and continue to feel the energy flow, release, calm and opening. I have an even greater thirst and drive to invite and experience my true soul self. Dr. Ken took time to listen, explain, and guide me through the attunement.

Kelly Lyles, CEP

President and CEO KLT Group

Second Chances:

From Surviving to Thriving


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