Meet Dr. Ken Harris – aka Doctor Synchronicity

Dr. Ken Harris

A transformational teacher, healer and author

Dr. Ken Harris, M.S., D.C., chiropractor, educator, lecturer, workshop presenter, author and keynote speaker, was the founder of Waldwick Wellness Center in New Jersey. The center was a multi-doctor facility providing all-natural health and wellness care for forty-five years.

A pioneer in holistic healing, Dr. Harris first established his practice in 1974 and in 1993 established the Mind-Body Wellness Education Center, dedicated to the exploration, understanding and promotion of the mind-body-spirit connection.

Dr. Harris is an honors graduate, magna cum laude, valedictorian and former professor of New York Chiropractic College. He holds a BA in psychology and an MS in education.

Founder of Sage Wisdom of the Chiropractic Elders

Dr. Ken Harris is the creator and founder of Sage Wisdom of the Chiropractic Elders. He is pictured here with the other four founding members. The mission of the Chiropractic Elders is to facilitate a heart-felt inter-connection within the chiropractic profession and humanity.

The group (on Facebook) is free to join for chiropractors only. Find the group here.

Philosophy: Christopher Kent on purpose interview with the Sage Wisdom of the Chiropractic Elders

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Pictured left to right: Dr. Jay Komarek, Dr. Ken Harris, Dr. Bob De Bonis, Dr. Armand Rossi, Dr. Steve Schargel

“I am here to wake people up from the illusion of separation into the reality of oneness.”

Dr. Ken Harris

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