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Jan 2021 – A Deviation Synchronicity

Jan 20, 2021 | articles

Sometimes when we listen to our intuition and deviate from our normal routine we experience an unexpected synchronicity event.

On my way to shopping at a local supermarket in a neighboring town, I got the intuitive direction to stop by a bank branch that I have never visited before to check on my account. My regular branch is in another town and not on my route so I decided to stop by this one close to the supermarket to save some travel time.

I usually use the drive-through option but for some reason, I was urged to actually enter inside the branch, engage the teller face-to-face and present my drivers’ license to identify myself and request copies of my last three bank statements to see what royalties had been posted in my account for my book sales.

While waiting for the teller to comply with my request and print out the statements, I noticed one other employee on the other side of the bank lobby sitting at a desk by herself working at a computer. I asked the teller if that person was the appropriate one to speak to about a loan.

My financial planner had recently suggested I make some inquiries at local banks and take out a line of credit for future possible big-ticket purchases. I had already gotten one other quote from another bank and thought this would be a good time and opportunity to speak to this bank loan officer since the entire bank was empty and I could probably get my questions answered promptly.

I introduced myself as a bank customer and told her what I was interested in doing. She politely and professionally answered all my questions but unfortunately, the terms were not competitive with the previous bank terms. I thanked her for her time and was about to leave but noticed a book lying on the desk next to her. I asked her if she enjoyed reading. She said yes so I shared with her that I had recently published a book and that I had stopped into her branch to check on my statement credits for book sales. I then asked her what was the title of the book she was currently reading to see if she might be interested in reading my book depending upon the type and subject matter she was interested in.

When she held up the book, much to my delight and complete surprise, I discovered she was reading a book written by my friend, Dr. Habib Sadeghi, entitled – The Clarity Cleanse. I told her that this author was the very same man who wrote the forward to my book!

The look on her face was one of amazement and total surprise. I then went to my car and got a copy of my book. I always carry some extra copies with me for situations like this. I have either sold or gifted numerous copies to many people in the past in similar or so-called “random or chance “encounters!

I then shared with her how I had met Dr. Sadeghi some years ago at a medical intuitive conference and that when he told me his name, I for some unknown reason asked him if he had a son named Hafiz. I knew from his name that he was of Iranian ancestry and concluded he probably liked the Persian Sufi poets like Rumi or Hafiz. He had a look on his face of total surprise and replied YES. His son was named HAFIZ and asked how did I know. I replied that I was intuitive and was told his son’s name by one of my spirit guides. Needless to say, we became instant friends and have remained so ever since. When he discovered in a casual conversation some years later that I had recently finished a manuscript for my soon to be published book, he graciously offered to write the forward to my book.

The young bank officer asked me if I would sign the copy as she wanted to purchase the book because she had been struggling with some life questions and asked the universe to send a sign or someone to help her get unstuck through some personal life challenges. She shared with me that she believed that my showing up on this day was a sign from the universe or manifestation of synchronicity. She was hoping to find someone like myself trained in mind-body treatment modalities. I practice a holistic type of energy healing called ATTUNEMENT designed to help people get clear of emotional blocks and conflicts, which is exactly why she was reading The Clarity Cleanse.

We continued to chat and discovered we both grew up in the Bronx. Me in the south part and her right next to Yankee Stadium. I then told her that the first synchronicity story in my book was all about my Yankee stadium experience at age 14.

Funny how life arranged for us to meet and connect through serendipity at just the right time. Because I listened to my intuition we connected just when she needed help. The timing was perfect. The bank was empty and no one else was waiting to speak with her. Had there been a lineup of people which she said was usually the case, I would not have stayed. And because of the Covid pandemic, the bank was understaffed and I did not have to wait to speak with her because there was no other bank staff or customers.

This is another example of how all the various factors had to be in a place like the tumblers of a clock and fit perfectly together for this to have happened. Was it divinely arranged by Spirit or was it the result of her intention to attract someone like myself in her time of need? I’ll let you come to your own conclusions.

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