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God winks from above: the sand dollar series of synchronicities

Feb 28, 2024 | articles

The weather has, it seems finally, moderated here in Naples, Fl. We are once again getting the opportunity for daily beach time and walks. Several days ago I took a solo walk without my wife Judy in the mid afternoon.

As I was walking, I noticed a woman in front of me, about 100 feet ahead down the beach. She was standing on two supportive crutches bending over, attempting to scoop up seashells in her seashell catcher device. As I got closer I noticed that she was missing one of her legs from the knee down. This caught my attention, so I decided to approach her and have a conversation.

“What are you hoping to find?” I asked her. She replied that she was trying to find a sand dollar seashell. I told her that they were rarely found on this beach, as I’ve heard from other seashell collectors. She said that she knew that and had been attempting to find one for a long time over the last two years without any success. I then asked her how how she came to lose her leg. I first informed her that I was a doctor and was curious why someone with one leg had the interest and courage to attempt to find shells while being supported by crutches.

I suspected that she was either a diabetic or was in an accident of some sort. I told her that I had just published a new anthology book called Second Chances: from surviving to thriving which had 23 stories of people overcoming some life shattering event or adversities. I told her how impressed I was by seeing her do something as challenging as picking up seashells, despite her physical limitation, standing on crutches with only one fully functioning leg.

She informed me that at age 9 she developed bone cancer which necessitated the amputation of her leg from the knee down to save her life. She them went on to explain that her parents treated her like a normal child. She never felt that she was handicapped and did just about anyone did with two fully functioning legs. She became self-reliant and never felt less than other fully functioning children who had two legs while growing up!

I told her that she was fortunate that her parents treated her that way, and so I was not surprised to see her collecting seashells. I could see she was determined to keep trying to find a sand dollar with much interest and vigor. I then said goodbye and wished her success in finding a sand dollar soon.

As I continued on my walk, I had a thought come over me intuitively that perhaps I might find a sand dollar shell and gift it to her. So I started to look down as I walked and about another 100 feet away, lo and behold, I spotted one of such shells. I excitedly picked it up, turned around and excitedly ran back to the woman, holding the sand dollar above my head. I called out to her because she had told me her name. When she turned around and saw me holding the sand dollar, tears began to flow from her eyes! I asked her if she knew the spiritual meaning of the sand dollar. She replied that she did not.

Please see the following definition I found on Google:

“For many, sand dollars represent the beauty and power of the ocean, reminding us of our connection to the natural world and the wonders it holds.

Others see sand dollars as a symbol of personal growth and transformation, representing the potential for spiritual enlightenment and renewal.

Sand dollars are also often associated with themes of love, friendship, abundance, and prosperity, serving as a reminder of the important values and relationships in our lives.

Overall, the symbolism of sand dollars offers a fascinating look into the wonders of the natural world and our place within it.”

A lot of things had to happen for this manifestation type of synchronicity to take place. I noticed this woman doing something out of the ordinary and made an inquiry by asking her some personal questions. I had to be taking the walk alone for if Judy had been with me I probably would not have stopped to ask the questions. I felt compelled to share the fact that my new book, Second Chances from surviving to thriving, had just been released. I shared with this person that she exemplified the stories in the book because she overcame her adversity in such a powerful and inspiring manner by not letting her disability stop her from doing what she found enjoyable.

Why I got the intuitive feeling and the message to look for a sand dollar remains a mystery to me. I was used to help this person fulfill her wishes and take home a most treasured sand dollar sea shell.

Presenting her with the shell that I had found and seeing the look of joy on her face, her eyes filling with tears, was a gift back to me! It took the two of us working together to accomplish this type of Synchronicity.

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P.S. The day I found the sand dollar I got a phone call from a couple I had met one year prior on the same beach. Their granddaughters, pictured here, came over to me and Judy and presented us with as you can see here in this photo, a SAND Dollar that they had found on the same beach!!!

Funny thing is that as I was talking on the phone to another author in my book and retelling her the story, I noticed that the new couch, which my landlord had recently purchased to replace the older one, had three pillows with images of sand dollars all over them!

See photo below. Crazy how that works but true nonetheless! What are the chances I ask? ZERO TO NONE is my reply and my answer.

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