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Synchronicity and “How I Found A New Job”

Jan 23, 2022 | articles

My financial planner suggested that I might consider applying for a home equity line of credit also known as a HELOC loan. I decided to do my homework and began to make inquires at a couple of banks that I have done business with in the past.

After a couple of interviews with two different bank officials, I was about to go to the one with the more competitive rate and close the deal when I got in the mail, that very same day, an unsolicited pre- approved application from a third bank. This third bank did not have any processing or application fees and even offered the loan at a lower introductory rate than the other two. That was a sign for me to apply with the third bank. You might say it was a no brainer decision.

The original loan officer was very efficient and helped guide me through the several steps in getting this type of loan.

Midway in the process the agent introduced me to her new assistant, Mr. Max Roy. Max was shadowing her in training mode, and I met him on several occasions during the loan application process. He was young but I could immediately see he was bright, polite with a no problem attitude with anything I asked of him to do for me. One could feel his delight and eagerness to help during the process. Everything went smoothly and I got the HELOC loan.

Every time afterward when I went to the bank for regular business, Max who now worked as a bank teller always greeted me with a big welcoming smile and a robust hello and was very personable and helpful with any requests I asked of him.

One day he overheard me speaking to the branch manager about synchronicity. The manager had previously purchased and read my book and was relaying to me some of his own synchronicities. Max was not that all that familiar with the concept of coincidence in general never mind meaningful ones defined as Synchronicity. So, I shared with him a few of my own unusual stories of Synchronicity also explaining that I have had numerous ones in my life that defy any logical linear explanation as to WHY I met certain people at certain places and times.

Max got interested enough that on that visit, he asked me if I had any copies of my book with me and if he could purchase one and would I possibly autograph it for him. I always carry a few in my car for such requests and occasions. I asked him if it would be ok for me to take a picture with him holding my book for a face book post. He gladly agreed and another bank employee obliged us and took the photo in this post.

Several weeks when visiting the bank for business I asked him how did he like reading the book and if he had registered on my web page so he could receive my free monthly newsletter as well. Sadly, he replied, “’not yet Dr Ken” because he was too busy studying for an exam to become certified as a series seven broker agent.

I asked him why he wanted to get that accreditation and he shared the following with me.

It was his lifelong dream that someday an opportunity would present itself for him to leave the bank and get hired by a major brokerage house or financial firm and become a broker himself. I told him that I would call my financial planner and inquire if they needed someone like him to start out as an assistant.

Well here comes the synchronicity in this story.

My financial planner, upon hearing why I was calling her on Max’s behalf, said the timing could not have been more perfect because she was just thinking that she needed to hire a new assistant. She said to have him send over his resume to her for consideration.

I then went to inform Max of the good news. He got very excited about the possibility of working for her and UBS which was by the way his favorite number one choice of potential companies he was thinking about applying to.

He then told me that someone earlier in the day left their pen by mistake and lo and behold it was a UBS pen. I replied that was a good sign and a confirming one from the universe. No coincidence. It also just happened to be my brokerage house. He was dumbstruck and shared with me further that it was his lifetime dream of working specifically with that company and was his first choice should an opportunity arise. Bingo — an opportunity did arise in the most unexpected way for him by meeting me.

It was mind blowing for him to think that through synchronicity and some serendipity that he now found his new lifetime dream job. Yes, he got hired and will be moving soon into his new office and job opportunity he had been secretly hoping for. You can bet that he now, not only believes in Synchronicity, but he actually knows it through direct experience. No blind faith required.

To summarize and conclude, this story is another example of how the UNIVERSE arranges and works out all the necessary details helping us to manifest and fulfill our dreams.

This is an example of what I refer to as an “Opportunity Synchronicity“ in my book where I discuss the seven types of so called random or what I have come to understand are synchronistic events. One never knows just how things are going to work out
Stay awake, aware, and alert the signs and symbols are everywhere present. All one has to do is connect the dots to realize that Synchronicity is Ubiquitous, and the Universe has your back and will support your evolution.

I went into the bank looking for one thing and a totally different thing took place through Synchronicity for Max. The timing of my financial planner looking for a new assistant and Max desiring exactly what she was looking for in the company he wanted to work.

Life has a magic and mystery all of its own which put all three of us – Max, me, and my financial planner – in a conversation that helped both of them. You cannot make this stuff up! Nothing random here and beyond linear thinking for sure. As I have said numerous times before Life can be trusted to put people together at the right time and place and help at times each person to evolve and perhaps fulfill their destiny.

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