The Attunement

What is attunement

Connect to the Source of life within you

Attunement is the practice of opening thought and feeling to the source of wisdom and love which is within all people, increasing the flow of life-giving energy through the body, into the world.

Attunement is an energy healing and spiritual practice. So it is both the shared generation of life energy between two people, promoting health and wellbeing, and also a daily practice of spiritual centering and flow.

Attunement opens the gateways of consciousness and energy associated with the endocrine glands. In offering an Attunement, Practitioners emanate life current through one hand that connects with a gland, organ or another part of the human anatomy, and with the other hand connects to a corresponding point in the nervous system. Most often, Attunement is practiced without physical touch.

Learn more about Attunement at Attunement.org

What you can experience

How Attunement is performed

As often as needed

Attunement can be done as often as needed. Some people choose to have an Attunement on a weekly or monthly basis for general wellbeing. While others only seek it in times of emotional crisis.

Unrelated to a physical disease

Attunement is not designed to treat a specific disease or physical condition. Many people seek an Attunement due to emotional distress. Majority of those who have received an Attunement will experience improvement in general health and well-being. The major effect of an Attunement is an experience of deep calm, relaxation and profound mental clarity.

Remote or in person

Attunement can be done remotely or in person (at Dr. Ken Harris’s office in Waldwick, NJ).

An Attunement session is scheduled for 1 hour. The Attunement itself is done in silence and without physical touch. It is equally effective whether or not you are present in the same location with a practitioner.

Speak to the practitioner before and after

You will have an opportunity to speak with Dr. Ken Harris before your Attunement to have any questions answered. You will also be able to speak with him after the Attunement to discuss your experience.

How it works

How you can receive an Attunement


Contact Us

Contact Dr. Ken Harris by phone or email to schedule your session.


Discuss what’s going on in your life

Prior to your Attunement (same day), talk with with Dr. Ken Harris to discuss the major life challenges you wish to address


Enjoy your Attunement

Enjoy your Attunement session that is performed in person or remotely.

There will be a brief follow up call after the Attunement session.

Client testimonials 

What others are saying about the Attunement

Transported to a heavenly place

I felt like I was transported to a heavenly place and I did not want to return back here to earth

Wayne Dyer

Spiritual teacher and author of more than 40 books on health and healing

I felt incredible and aligned.

I felt incredible and aligned after my Attunement session with Dr. Ken. He has a true gift to share with the world.

Dr. Roger Sahoury

World-renowned wellness expert, founder of Above and Beyond Holistic Wellness Centers and the SprintSet Energizing Weight Loss System

The power to heal is very great

I was flying on a plane, returning from India, a long flight. While asleep with that little fan blowing on me, my contact lens must have dried up and adhered itself to the surface of my eye. With still two more flights until I reached home I called Dr Ken Harris and requested a distance healing session.

As I sat on a plane going from Hong Kong to Dallas my eye began to tear up. Tears pouring down my cheek. The sharp pain began to ease and the sandpaper like scratching feeling every time I blinked my eye, disappeared. When I returned home the redness, irritation and pain were all completely gone.

I can only attribute this rapid healing to the work Dr Harris was doing while I was 30,000+ feet over the Pacific and on the other side of the world.

The power to heal is very great. Thank you Ken.

Robert DeBonis, DC, FICA

ICA Ambassador for Chiropractic to China, international presenter and lecturer on chiropractic

I experienced a connection with a Higher Power

I was blessed to meet Dr. Ken Harris at a time in my life where I was in need of a true healer. I was finishing medical school when I met Dr. Harris and he helped me immensely through his chiropractic work and Attunement. I was able to release several restrictions in my body, mind, and soul that were holding me back from fulfilling my dream of becoming an Osteopathic Physician. In one very memorable Attunement session I even experienced a connection with a Higher Power that I needed at that time in order to reassure me that I am never alone and God is always with me. Dr. Harris has continued to mentor me throughout my career, he is a great chiropractor and is very much in touch with discovering the healing power inside his patients.

Sergio Suarez D.O.

Family Practice Physician

Dr. Ken Harris is a gifted healer

Dr. Ken Harris is a gifted healer. His many gifts include sincerity, honesty, accountability, and a capacity for deep listening. I treasured the sessions I’ve had with him. He is an open hearted healer and posses great wisdom based on his own life experiences.

Dahlia Bartz Cabe


I communed with an elevated, timeless realm of healing

As an energy medicine practitioner and spiritual teacher, I have the natural tendency to perceive healing treatments from a technical observatory perspective. In receiving Attunements from Dr. Ken Harris, the opposite occurred. During the Attunement session my mind, the practice and Ken seemed to fade away along with all the details of space and time. I experienced a journey into stillness and communed with an elevated, timeless realm of healing. I was reluctant to return to so called 3D reality of time and space. I was without words and became speechless!

Attunement with Dr. Ken is about entering another plane. A world of infinite peace that exist beyond ordinary reality. It felt like I went on vacation into a timeless, space less dimension. I highly recommend his work.

Lorin Oneal, (Jivanjeet)

Holistic Therapist , Teacher and Healer

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