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Second Chances: The Power to Overcome – The Dr. Jonathan Ellerby Podcast

Mar 30, 2024 | interviews, synchronicity

The Dr. Jonathan Ellerby Podcast

In search of a vibrant wholeness & soulness for all people & the planet.

In this inspiring interview, we explore some of the keys to transformation and well-being that are featured in his incredible new book about people who have overcome extraordinary obstacles and life setbacks. Many of the stories take us into the realm of miracles and mystery. What is it that makes for a truly resilient soul or a complete life revival? Join us for this insightful and compelling conversation.

Dr Ken Harris is an incredible voice in the world of healing and transformation. With nearly 40 years of experience as a chiropractor, integrative healer, and wellness innovator, Dr. Ken brings wisdom and lightness to every conversation and each guidance he offers. In his recent book, Dr. Ken showcases the power of the human spirit to face, overcome, and triumph in the face of unspeakable adversity.

About the Host

Dr. Jonathan Ellerby is a bestselling author known for his incredible understanding of the transformative process. Celebrated as a seasoned spiritual teacher, integrative wellness expert, and practical, experienced executive and business consultant, Jonathan’s background is diverse and dynamic. Drawing from decades of immersion in a spiritual and psychological study, a love of nature, and a lifelong relationship with Indigenous communities and traditions, Jonathan’s work bridges complex worlds and worldviews.

Jonathan’s PhD in comparative religion focused on indigenous healing traditions and cross-cultural research, and he has experienced countless training in a wide range of complementary and alternative fields of healing, integrative medicine, and spiritual growth. Endlessly curious, Jonathan believes we are all born to be students of life, in which we will find the answers to all questions, challenges, and a sustainable future for humanity on earth.

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