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August 18, 2020

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7 Types of Synchronicity


6 Reasons we meet people


5 Questions to ask to figure out possible meaning of events


4 Practices to help you have more synchronicity in your life

Dr. Ken Harris:  Synchronicity: The Magic -The Mystery -The Meaning

Metaphysical Center of New Jersey

August 18. 2020

If you are looking for more meaning, purpose, and connection in your life, apply the principles of synchronicity.  Dr. Kenneth Harris will teach you those principles as he studies, lives, and applies the laws of success guided by what he experiences in his everyday life.  Learn the seven types of synchronicities and the five questions you need to ask for interpreting them.  To ensure that you are paying attention to the signs and symbols that the universe is continually sending you, learn four practices you can apply right away. These will help you to validate that you are on the right spiritual path.  Ken is offering a free User Guide for Categorizing and Understanding Synchronicity—the 7,6,5,4 Formula on his Home Page. Be sure to download it.