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Get a Signed copy of Second Chances: From Surviving to Thriving This is an anthology of life-changing stories from individuals who have experienced great stress leading to subsequent transformations.


Second Chances: From Surviving to Thriving provides a backstage pass to jaw-dropping journeys as each author shares life-shattering traumas that led to remarkable transformations that will inspire you to live your life with greater alignment, meaning, and purpose.

In Second Chances: From Surviving to Thriving, you will meet an incredible group of people from across the globe who found inner strength and positively impacted the lives of those around them after experiencing a harrowing life challenge. In one story, you’ll read about a woman who loses her family in a terrorist attack and, while in the midst of grieving, creates a program that unites those around her. In another chapter, you’ll meet a man who survives on sheer will and determination to return to his family after experiencing an accident while hiking in the mountains, leaving him stranded with no food or form of communication.

Life can dramatically change course after a traumatic experience, but this change of direction can be a wonderful gift.

Each story, told from the author’s point of view, inspires readers, offers guidance and hope, and showcases how – through healing and growth - we can change our life, perspective, and the community around us after experiencing a traumatic event.

Authors in this anthology include Aeon Karris, Bob Dineen, Chris Mackey, Dr. Bill Cirino Jr., Dr. Danny Gambino, Dr. Gilles A. LaMarche, Dr. Jay Komarek, Dr. Ken Harris, Jennifer Kauffman, Jo Hawkins, Karen Kern Yarrish, Ph.D., Katurah Bryant, Kia Scherr, Ken Rand, Liliane Fortna, Lisa Honig Buksbaum, Marisa Zeppieri, Michael Blodgett, Michael Costello, Neal Bakshi, Nicole Timpanaro, Rae Leonard, and Scott Schilling.