Second Chances

From Surviving to Thriving

“A compelling journey through the lives of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary self-healing and synchronistic outcomes triggered by horrible events. This collection demonstrates that trauma can initiate a personal turning point that propels one into a more meaningful and fulfilling life.”

– Dr. Deborah Sandella, Ph.D., RN, Originator of Regenerating Images in Memory Technique and #1 International Bestselling Author of Goodbye, Hurt & Pain

About the Book

“An inspiring compilation of true stories about resilience and faith that is much needed during these challenging times”

Second Chances: From Surviving to Thriving provides a backstage pass to jaw-dropping journeys as each author shares life-shattering traumas that led to remarkable transformations that will inspire you to live your life with greater alignment, meaning, and purpose.

In Second Chances: From Surviving to Thriving, you will meet an incredible group of people from across the globe who found inner strength and positively impacted the lives of those around them after experiencing a harrowing life challenge. In one story, you’ll read about a woman who loses her family in a terrorist attack and, while in the midst of grieving, creates a program that unites those around her. In another chapter, you’ll meet a man who survives on sheer will and determination to return to his family after experiencing an accident while hiking in the mountains, leaving him stranded with no food or form of communication.

Life can dramatically change course after a traumatic experience, but this change of direction can be a wonderful gift.

Each story, told from the author’s point of view, inspires readers, offers guidance and hope, and showcases how – through healing and growth – we can change our life, perspective, and the community around us after experiencing a traumatic event.

The stories in this anthology teach readers about five tenets of post-traumatic growth as defined and described by psychologists Dr. Richard Tedeschi and Dr. Lawrence Calhoun:

  • Appreciation of life
  • Relationships with others
  • New possibilities in life
  • Personal strength
  • Spiritual change

Individually and collectively, these stories prove that hope cannot be extinguished but perseveres in the face of life’s greatest challenges. If you are looking for inspiration and renewed hope to move beyond past or present life challenges, this book will give you the tools and strategies to do so. 

Meet the Authors

Authors in this anthology include Aeon Karris, Bob Dineen, Chris Mackey, Dr. Bill Cirino Jr., Dr. Danny Gambino, Dr. Gilles A. LaMarche, Dr. Jay Komarek, Dr. Ken Harris, Jennifer Kauffman, Jo Hawkins, Karen Kern Yarrish, Ph.D., Katurah Bryant, Kia Scherr, Ken Rand, Liliane Fortna, Lisa Honig Buksbaum, Marisa Zeppieri, Michael Blodgett, Michael Costello, Neal Bakshi, Nicole Timpanaro, Rae Leonard, and Scott Schilling.

Book reviews

What others are saying about the book

When you read these profound stories, you realize how deeply committed each person was to live an authentic life with joy and grace, finding their inner strength and unique beauty even through immense struggles. Their journeys led them to lives of discovery and greater meaning, allowing them to now live with humor, grace, purpose, inner knowing, and style. You too can make similar discoveries while reading this exceptional book.

Elle Macpherson

Founder of WelleCo

Second chances are an opportunity that allows us to think of life as just one big “close call” such that our better angels rise to the surface all the time, not just when we feel fortunate that we averted disaster. The stories in the Second Chances anthology will captivate you and inspire you to live in gratitude today, just a little more than you did yesterday.
Chip Conley

Best-selling Author of Learning to Love Midlife; Wisdom at Work: The Making of a Modern Elder; and Emotional Equations. Founder, Modern Elder Academy

Second Chances, curated by Dr. Ken Harris and 22 other contributors, is a compelling journey through the lives of ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary self-healing and synchronistic outcomes triggered by horrible events. This collection demonstrates that trauma can initiate a personal turning point that propels one into a more meaningful and fulfilling life. I highly recommend!
Dr. Deborah Sandella, Ph.D., RN

Originator of Regenerating Images in Memory Technique and #1 International Bestselling Author of Goodbye, Hurt & Pain

Sharing raw and real personal narratives, Second Chances demonstrates the power available to us all, the power to rise from the ashes and create a new story for ourselves and for others. As you turn the pages, you’ll witness human triumph over circumstances and co-experience a higher order magic guided by unbound spirit!
Dr. Donny Epstein

Developer of EpiEnergetics systems in healing and transformation, Author of the Seekers Code, Your Access to the Unreasonable and Extraordinary

An inspiring compilation of true stories about resilience and faith that is much needed during these challenging times, quenching our thirst for hope and decency.
Grace Chang, M.D.

Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Department Head of Psychiatry, Boston VA Hospital

Our deepest healing often comes unexpectedly from events that suddenly change everything! Second Chances is an extraordinary book, each chapter by an individual whose life was changed by what others might consider misfortune, but what each author considers a blessing. The depth of transformation and gratitude expressed in each chapter is deeply moving and guides the reader to see the world through different eyes.
Cornelia Wathen

Co-founder of Holistic Health Community, Inc., ICPA instructor

If you are looking for inspiration and hope, this book is for you. The 23 true and inspiring stories will give hope to those who wish to heal from adversity, pain, and loss.
Karen Noe

Author of We Consciousness and Your Life After Their Death

Second Chances is a must-read book, offering glimpses into the private lives of every-day people. As a sacred and mysterious hand of synchronicity moves throughout their lives, isolated events become integral parts of a larger picture, offering hope and understanding during difficult times.
Candice M. Sanderson

Psychologist and Award-winning Author of the International Bestseller, The Reluctant Messenger

Second Chances is a compilation of 23 individual stories about life’s uninvited initiations. Each one details their own Hero’s Journey through descent, ordeal, and return and the gifts each one has received. Second Chances will captivate and inspire you and provide hope for you to find yourself at your crossroads in life.

Vince Falone, CST, LMT

Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Co-Leader at, and Co-Founder of Relaxation and Healing Center in Chatham New Jersey

This book is a wonderful compilation of life-changing stories from individuals who have experienced great stress leading to subsequent transformations. Their stories and experiences provide the reader with wisdom, grace, and guidance, reminding us of what’s important in life and our connection to spirit — and that apparent tragedy can be a catalyst to a more meaningful life. Experiencing stressors and traumas are familiar to many of us, and the authors show that transformation is available to all of us. This book is an absolute inspiration, showing us the miraculous powers of transformation from apparent darkness to thriving magnificence. I highly recommend Second Chances.
Bill Prinzivalli, BS, MS, MBA

President, Metaphysical Center of New Jersey and Author of Improvisational Leaders

These compelling and emotionally written stories in Second Chances are truly magical and uplifting. The magic is in the universe; it has been secretly conspiring with these individuals, resulting in them getting a second chance in life. Reading these stories has melted my heart and given me hope, and I know it will do that for you!
Linda Knoll

Founder of Crumb Productions, a motion picture development & financing company

Second Chances is an inspiring and uplifting book! I found all the stories in it compelling reads! They all contained messages of hope, rebirth, and renewal. All contributing writers shared their personal stories of trauma, grief, and loss but, more importantly, described what they did to overcome their life-changing challenges and re-emerge with positive outcomes and takeaways. I learned about a new term called Post Traumatic Growth. This book tells how lives have been changed and will change the lives of anyone who reads it. It’s a must-read and has my highest recommendation.
Dr. Alan Sherr

Founder and Director of Northport Wellness Center in Northport, Long Island

There is an inherent drive within us to become whole, authentic, and complete. The unconscious will manifest experiences to help us awaken our true nature. Shamans call these experiences’ “initiations” and come in the form of adversity, illness, injury, or even near-death experiences. It is the dark, rich soil that nourishes the need to grow, and sometimes we are planted in that darkness for new growth, wisdom, meaning, and purpose. The book Second Chances provides real-life stories that illuminate the mystical and unexpected life transformations that arise from the darkness. The dark is the light, helping us to discover our inner gifts and magic.
Melanie Ryan, LCSW

Author and Founder of The Golden Shadow Method, Depth Psychotherapist, Buddhist and Shamanic Teacher

Second Chances is a collection of powerful, personal stories where trauma and darkness are not the end. Each author’s experience reveals the painful birth of something beautiful and new. As suffering is not isolated to a select few, readers will feel connected and encouraged that they are not alone in their struggles. This book will give them hope and inspiration to persevere and move through and beyond any of life’s challenges.
Dawn Ranae Hoezze, MA, DCRC

Author of CRA: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Second Chances is an important gift for the world. Without exaggeration, it offers all that we need most today: hope, a fuller sense of humanity, a feeling of the preciousness of life, and real experience-tested tools to transform the most difficult situations. Whatever age, stage, or life situation you are in, Second Chances will open a door for you to remember something powerful, important, and deeply meaningful about yourself. I have no doubt these stories of changed lives will change lives!
Dr. Jonathan Ellerby

Best-selling Author of Return to the Sacred and Inspiration Deficit Disorder

This book speaks of our commonality as humanity to persevere, grow, and expand our vantage point of what is truly possible when faced with unthinkable adversaries and tragedies. The compilations of these inspiring stories also illustrate the authors’ deep desire to inspire others as they share their collective hero’s journey. We found this book inspiring, uplifting, and empowering. This book is a gift to the world, and we highly recommend it!
Tea & Dr. Jayson Loken

Hosts of

As I was reading Second Chances, I felt like my indomitable spirit to overcome challenges was being activated. This book contains compassionate pages of empowering energy to encourage the reader to NOT GIVE UP because, inside each of us, there exists an inner strength that will help us persevere and conquer even our hardest obstacles.
Donna Moore

Writer of Cougar the Musical and Hot in Hollywood

If you seek inspiration, guidance, and a profound understanding of life’s transformative nature, Second Chances is a must-read. Each story within this book is a testament to the indomitable human spirit and its ability to reinvent and discover more profound meaning and purpose beyond what we might have ever imagined.
Craig Stanland

Reinvention Architect and Author of Blank Canvas, How I Reinvented My Life After Prison

This medley of shared perspectives provides the reader with diverse and impactful stories to support their healing and the return to love. The threads of forgiveness, self-acceptance, and divine purpose lay the foundation to touch the soul deeply and provide the nurturing for transformation. This collection is a gift to the globe at a crucial time in our history.
Christin Collins

Holistic Coach and Author of Her Phoenix Rising

In our world of polarities, horrific events can sometimes contain the seeds resulting in magnificent transformations. The authors in Second Chances show us how to transcend some of life’s most challenging circumstances and, in turn, change them into life-affirming lessons. The authors’ stories of overcoming loss, pain, and suffering ended in giving more meaning and purpose to their lives.
Bernard Beitman, MD

Author of Meaningful Coincidences: How and Why Synchronicities Happen

The medley of testimonials captured the raw realities of life’s challenging events as the authors persevered and pivoted, triumphantly gaining new insights and directions for their purpose in life. The testimonials caused me to pause and reflect on my own mountains and valleys during my lifespan, and forced me to listen to the Creator of the universe so I could be attentive to the whisper of directions for the “next steps” on this journey called life. I have no doubt that the testimonials will also resonate with others who take advantage of the opportunity to read these intriguing and life changing stories.
Elicia Baker-Rogers