The magic – the mystery – the meaning

“This book is an essential guide for understanding synchronicities, allowing you to become more aware of the value they bring to your life and the lives of others. This is a must read, written by a man who will go down in history as a gem – a great mystic, thinker and healer.”

– Dr. Gilles Lamarche, Vice President of University Advancement, Life University

About the Book

“Focus on the powerful, euphoric, magical, synchronistic, beautiful parts of life, and the universe will keep giving them to you!”

Did you ever wonder why you set out to do one thing and something else happened that created something special for you? Did you ever meet someone whom you deeply felt was meant to be in your life at that time?

Synchronicities are all around us and they can help us on our path to evolving spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

This book is a collection of the author’s real-life stories about synchronicity that can serve as a guide to help you remember your own special stories.

This book is for those who are looking for

  • Signs to confirm you are on the right spiritual path
  • Affirmations, confirmation, validation that you are on the right track in life
  • Understanding about the meaning of your own synchronicities

Author, Dr. Ken Harris offers a blueprint for understanding the hidden meaning of your own synchronicities. It defines the seven types of synchronicities, answers the six reasons they happen to us, and gives you five questions to ask yourself for interpreting your synchronicities and gives you four practices to ensure having more synchronicities.

In Synchronicity you will discover

  • When you connect the dots you will discover nothing is random
  • No one has been sent into your life by accident: they are either a lesson or blessing
  • That the Universe will align you with the right people, things, and situations that guide you on your path
  • To trust the universe to send the right people into your life at the right time
If you are looking for more meaning, purpose, and connection in your life pay attention to the signs the Universe is sending through synchronicities.

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Do you have a Synchronicity story?

We all have the ability to connect to synchronicities every day; it starts by simply being curious. Does yours fit into one of the seven types? Did you arrive at answers by figuring out meanings? Did you apply all the ways to find more synchronicity in your life?

We are currently looking for Synchronicity stories on how you met your spouse, found a new job or a place to live.

Book reviews

What others are saying about the book

From the opening page, I was captivated. Dr. Harris opens up deeply the conversation which I believe all of us long for. He reminds us of the extraordinary quality and characteristic that we are all gifted with – connectedness. You are forever changed by his words in the most remarkable way. What a read and blessing this book is!
Dr. Jay Komarek

Teacher of animal chiropractic and producer of the documentary Life, Adjusted

The stories in this treasure of a book will remind you of the intricate connectedness of the world that we live in. It will renew hope to anyone who feels the disconnection or isolation or alone. Dr. Ken brings forth a lifetime of well-earned wisdom into his work and is a joyful and loving force for planet earth’s rebirthing!
Bob Sima

Recording Artist/Musical Mystic

Synchronicity: The Magic – The Mystery – The Meaning, by Dr. Ken Harris, is an essential guide for understanding synchronicities, allowing you to become more aware of the value they bring to your life and the lives of others. This is a must read, written by a man who will go down in history as a gem – a great mystic, thinker and healer.
Dr. Gilles Lamarche

Vice President of University Advancement, Life University

In his writings Dr. Ken Harris has captured the curiosity of nothing less than the fulfillment of one’s fate, the connections we all share and the guideposts along life’s path, in Synchronicity. A book that grabbed my attention, as his anecdotes resonated with my own life experiences. I could not put it down and now continue to look for the connections and the meaning of these signs.
Dr. Robert DeBonis, DC, FICA

ICA Ambassador for Chiropractic to China, international presenter and lecturer on chiropractic

I would like to thank the Universe for Dr. Ken Harris. He has put into words Universal truths that I have known in my heart of hearts for many years in his book, ” Synchronicity – The Magic –The Mystery – The Meaning”. It feels like home, and he has simplified yet confirmed the inner understanding of many. I recommend this highly to all who seek their own greatest path.
Dr. Armand Rossi

Dept. Chairman and Dean of Clinical Sciences, Sherman College of Chiropractic, ICPA instructor

As someone who has served others professionally in health and healing for over twenty years, I am inspired by and in awe of Ken Harris’s book and his teachings. Through this book and his work, he helps people experience a re-enchantment with the world around them. Thank you, Dr. Ken.
Dr. Daniel Knowles

Chiropractor and founder of

I loved Dr. Harris’s book. It is easy and fun to read. Reading about the synchronicities in his life have further opened me up to the wonderment of living my life. It has strengthened my faith in That which is operating in my own life. Thank you Dr. Harris for writing this inspiring book!

Dr. Steven Schargel

Chiropractor and public speaker

We’re just now starting to understand the magic and context of synchronicities, and Ken’s book – which I was compelled to read from cover to cover in just one afternoon – offers a rare and savvy glimpse into the importance of getting out of our own way and stepping into universal flow… because that’s where we can find and experience the magic that’s all around us.
Lisa Najjar

Psychic-medium, transformational speaker and author of Dying to Tell You: Channeled Messages from the Famously Dead

It’s time to be awake, aware and alert to all the synchronization in life. Wow! The insights of this book are an experience that will shine a bright light into your eyes and unveil your heart to the infinite possibilities of life. I must say this book is a breath of fresh air; it speaks my language of living life in a state of gratitude and not havitude. Remember you are never alone and are always guided from the cradle to grave and beyond. There is no coincidence that you stumbled across this book and that you’re about to be awakened by this read. I encourage you to read every word, as you will be renewed. My heart is filled with joy that Ken has walked into my life at the perfect time and blessed me with the opportunity to endorse his book. It’s divine!
Dr. Roger Sahoury

international best-selling author of Gladiators Guide to Corporate Health And Wealth; world-renowned wellness expert; founder of Above and Beyond Holistic Wellness Centers and the SprintSet Energizing Weight Loss System

Dr. Ken Harris is a master storyteller. When I read the stories in this book I heard his voice, tone, and inflection speaking every word in my head. It was wonderful! Ken’s heart is open to the Spirit, which makes him awake and aware when moments of serendipity occur. Each is a gift he received with gratitude, and that gives even more power and significance to the event. Every day brings its own gift that may be different and unique for everyone. We, however, often miss it–unaware of the offering. I am grateful to Ken for sharing his stories in this book. It encourages us to open our hearts and minds to first notice and then receive with gratitude and wonder those gifts, messages, and special moments offered to all.
Dawn Ranae Hoezee, MA, DCRC, CRA

Contact Reflex Analysis, Wellness coach and trainer, VerVita Products, LLC - Owner

Our view of reality is transformed when we recognize that synchronicities are not coincidences – they are the normal course of events. The engaging personal stories in Ken Harris’s book make this reality accessible to all readers.
Cornelia Wathen, MA

healer, co-founder of Holistic Health Community Inc.

In this book, Dr. Ken Harris shows us that we are never walking through life alone. Rather, guidance is constantly available from birth to death. His remarkable stories demonstrate how magical life becomes when you invite synchronicity. Not only does he inspire, he gives you the blueprint to understand the important meanings of your unique synchronicities.
Deborah Sandella, Ph.D., RN

#1 international bestselling author of Goodbye, Hurt & Pain: 7 Simple Steps for Health, Love, and Success

By sharing his personal multi-faceted experiences of coincidences, Ken Harris draws us in to become more aware of our own synchronicities and appreciate the mystery and magic of our interconnected live.
Puja A. J. Thomson

Interfaith Minister and Author of Track Your Truth: Discover Your Authentic Self

This book is such a wonderful reminder of the loving field of divinity that penetrates our lives and connects us all.
Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komerak

Mom, Chiropractor and Director of “Love Bomb” – The Movie

In this fascinating book, Dr. Harris weaves together a rich tapestry of stories that serve as reminders that life on Planet Earth isn’t as mundane – or as random – as it may sometimes seem. These stories vividly demonstrate that we are all woven together in an interconnected, expanding, evolving web of consciousness – and spiritual awakening – that is both lawful and orderly.
Ramananda John E. Welshons

Spiritual teacher and author of One Soul, One Love, One Heart and Awakening from Grief

Ken’s book recounting his beautiful experiences helps the reader understand the simplicity yet profound importance of paying attention and ‘going with the flow.’ Ken’s synchronicities will have you in awe but most important lesson from this book is to ‘Just do it!’ Kudos to Ken for reminding us of how intricate and beautiful life is.
Steven A. Ross, Ph. D

President of World Research Foundation

I felt very inspired by the stories and insights in Ken Harris’s book and by the basic theme of synchronicity, which is a powerful and important force in our lives. I have been guided by being aware of synchronicity for many years since reading Jung’s insightful introduction to the I Ching. Ken’s book is an affirmation of a very important principle in my life. Well written and moving, I recommend this book highly.
Ned Leavitt

Literary Agent, The Ned Leavitt Agency

Dr. Kenneth Harris’s heartfelt enthusiasm for finding the synchronicities in life is contagious! The engaging personal stories he so clearly recounts in his book will inspire you to discover and learn from the synchronicities in your own life. This brilliant man weaves wisdom and truth throughout and gives the reader a sense of hope and wonderment. What a gift to the world!
Linda Roebuck, MA

Visionary and founder of A Community of Transformation, Inc.; holistic health educator and healer

Dr. Ken’s recollections of insight and wonder jump off of the pages and into the reader’s heart! This beautiful chronicle of divine accord is a testament of how when we are living in the present, awakened, and in a state of gratitude, miracles multiply. Dr. Ken, through his memoir, demonstrates that the more we are open to see synchronicities, the more they avail us. Thank you for sharing your life through your words, your work and your boundless energetic heart!
Lorin Oneal

Holistic therapist and teacher

This book is inspiring and thought provoking – a call to be present knowing that there are no accidents. The only requirement is to engage in the moment. Always knowing that ALL is WELL.
Dr. Alan Sherr

Director of Northport Wellness Center, LI, NY

I found this book – Synchronicity – The Magic – The Mystery – The Meaning – to be beautifully written, fascinating and inspiring.
Gary Schwartz, Ph. D

Professor & Director of Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health, University of Arizona

In this book, ” Synchronicity – The Magic –The Mystery – The Meaning,” I loved reading the concept of the synchronicity stories. The book is fresh, unusual, fun & light. I found it easy to read, not to mention, inspiring! What more would anyone want?
Rev. Frankie Timmers

Director of Centers for Spiritual Living, Morristown, NJ

If you are a seeker of truth, Synchronicity: The Magic –The Mystery – The Meaning is a must read. In a world that appears to have lost its soul, filled with darkness, this book is like a lighthouse, shining brightly, safely showing you the way back home. Read this book, embrace its wisdom, and the benefits you’ll receive will enhance your life more than you’ll know.
Dr. Bradley S. Rauch

Director, Casa Maria-Isabella Healing Center, Tepoztlan, Mexico

My eyes, head and heart have been opened. I have often heard the phrase “there are no coincidences” and Dr. Ken Harris’s well-written and enlightening book outlines that what we think of as unexplained coincidences are actually the universe at work. We just need to be aware and watch! Harris shares stories about his own experiences with synchronicity at work and outlines how to connect to the purpose, intent and synchronicity in your own life. This book is one for the permanent library and I highly recommend this enlightening and entertaining read!
Sara Feldmann Sheehan

Film producer,

I consider Ken a “soul friend” who I was destined to meet in this lifetime and the synchronistic events necessary for our meeting are another story. For close to 40 years, I have had the privilege of hearing these sacred talks firsthand from this spontaneous, passionate man and without fail, I was always left in a place of amazement. In ” Synchronicity – The Magic –The Mystery – The Meaning,” Ken conveys in words the emotions and palpable details of his sacred journey as only a seasoned storyteller can. This book left me with a sweet smile on my face and my inner child dancing with magic and wonder. I hope it finds a home in you!
Vince Falone, CST, LMT

Health Coach, Co-founder of Center for Relaxation and Healing, Chatham, NJ, Certified Co-Leader for Mankind Project

Through short vignettes from his life experience, Ken Harris intimately shares everyday possibilities for celebrating the power of synchronicity. We remember how threads of divine resonance magically connect and guide our interlinked destinies.
Dr. Donny Epstein

Developer of EpiEnergetics and author of The 12 Stages of Healing, Healing Myths Healing Magic, and the Boomerang Principle

Synchronicity is a ringing bell in consciousness, inviting the reader to examine their life for a deeper connection and meaning. Dr. Harris’s stories of the ordinary and extraordinary experiences of synchronicity in his life are eye opening, instructive, and inspiring. If you’re looking for more joy and synchronicity in your life, begin here!
Ken W. Stone

Spiritual messenger and author of Resonance: The Path of Spiritual Mastery

If you’re searching for a book that offers profound wisdom, inspiration and affirmation for why we are all here, you’ve found it! In Dr Harris’s authentic voice, he offers a compelling and uplifting examination of the synchronistic magic that is all around us- just waiting to be witnessed. This book is not merely a compilation of Dr Harris’s extraordinary synchronistic accounts, it also clearly offers a validation that our time here on earth is designed with intelligence, purpose and meaning by a higher source. As I read through the pages of this amazing book, I truly felt my soul soar. Needless to say, it’s a must read.
Jane Sugarman