What you can experience

Wayne Dyer on receiving an Attunement from Dr. Ken Harris:

“I felt like I was transported to a heavenly place and I did not want to return back here to earth”.

Wayne Dyer

Spiritual teacher and author of more than 40 books on health and healing

Client Testimonials

Gifted healer and teacher

Dr. Ken Harris is a rare individual who studies, lives and applies the laws of success and continues to do so in a truly authentic and spiritual way. He inspires and engages those he comes in contact with because he is such a master connector of people and big ideas. Ken is a gifted healer and teacher as he practiced for more than forty years serving generations of patients to reconnect with their life purpose and to heal from within. Dr. Harris practiced the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic and was an early pioneer of wholistic healing.

He is world class at the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit and has the unique ability to teach others how to heal with an open heart and mind. He is blessed with great wisdom and has unparalleled enthusiasm for life and for serving others at the highest level. Anyone who gets to know Ken quickly realizes he is connected to a higher source and that his life is based on helping others express more of the greatness that they have inside of them.

Residing on the leading edge of healing allows Ken to be a skillful and organized presenter who far exceeds the expectations of his audiences. He continues to teach and share his gifts both as a workshop facilitator and as a keynote presenter. Dr. Harris offers a wide range of topics that will touch the heart and soul of audiences.

Bob Hoffman D.C.

The Masters Circle, President and CEO

More clarity to see your next step

The Attunement sessions with Dr Ken were both amazing and the effects were long lasting. I felt more clear, calm, alive as well as more connected to my essential self. If you have been unclear about your next step in life, the Attunement process can help to open up your head space, decrease anxiety and provide more clarity so you can see your next step.

I highly recommend this type of healing modality if interested in moving forward in your own healing journey of self-discovery.

F. Michael Hussain

Executive Director, Private Capital Markets

I have experienced an energy release!

Thanks to Dr. Ken, I have experienced an energy release! I had my first attunement yesterday and continue to feel the energy flow, release, calm and opening. I have an even greater thirst and drive to invite and experience my true soul self. Dr. Ken took time to listen, explain, and guide me through the attunement.

Kelly Lyles, CEP

President and CEO KLT Group

Dr. Ken Harris helped to unlock an inner knowing in my heart.

I feel very Blessed that through the Attunement process Dr. Ken Harris helped to unlock an inner knowing in my heart. Dr. Ken dramatically changed the trajectory of my life and I feel eternally grateful. I am thankful to my own grandfather whose name was yes Ken Harris although deceased for connecting us.

Brett Harris

Chiropractic student from Australia

Mystical experience

Dr. Ken Harris is a gifted healer adept at bringing balance and harmony through his energy work.

Receiving an Attunement from him is a subtle mystical experience that is hard to describe.
In a short time, he intuitively guides you to a place of deep peace and healing that lasts long after a session.

I highly recommend his attentive, positive and uplifting style of bringing light to others.

Miriam Cabral Zernis

I experienced a connection with a Higher Power

I was blessed to meet Dr. Ken Harris at a time in my life where I was in need of a true healer. I was finishing medical school when I met Dr. Harris and he helped me immensely through his chiropractic work and Attunement. I was able to release several restrictions in my body, mind, and soul that were holding me back from fulfilling my dream of becoming an Osteopathic Physician. In one very memorable Attunement session I even experienced a connection with a Higher Power that I needed at that time in order to reassure me that I am never alone and God is always with me. Dr. Harris has continued to mentor me throughout my career, he is a great chiropractor and is very much in touch with discovering the healing power inside his patients.

Sergio Suarez D.O.

Family Practice Physician

I felt incredible and aligned.

I felt incredible and aligned after my Attunement session with Dr. Ken. He has a true gift to share with the world.

Dr. Roger Sahoury

world-renowned wellness expert, founder of Above and Beyond Holistic Wellness Centers and the SprintSet Energizing Weight Loss System

By empowering others, he creates joy and boundless possibility.

Dr. Ken Harris is a connector of people and ideas, and warm and generous person. He takes people and elevates them and shows them what is possible. By connecting people, he is a creative force in the world. By empowering others, he creates joy and boundless possibility.

Karen Knops M.D.

Medical Director of Palliative Care Program, Morristown Medical Center

Accelerated recovery process

Recently while in rehab after being hit by an automobile, as a pedestrian, and having broken several bones etc.I received a call from a man who had heard of my accident through a synchronicity visit with a mutual friend. He called me and offered his help through a long distance healing art called Attunement. He has many titles … chiropractor, healer, counselor, and now published author, … he performed a series of remote healing treatments call long distance Attunement once a week over several weeks. This accelerated my recovery process which astounded both my conventional medical doctors and team of alternative healers.

Ken’s Attunement work gets my highest recommendation.

Gregg Madden

Broadcast Journalist, Biontologist at Illuminated Wellness, Middlebury, CT

Dr. Ken Harris changed my life forever

Dr. Ken Harris has a gift of making you feel as if you are the only one taking his workshops on healing and success. One participant at a workshop he taught at my Dharma Center in Cortland N.Y. said he “changed my life forever and gave me permission to say what I wanted out loud for the first time in my life without judging it”. He is a gifted teacher being mindful and insightful as to what each participant needed.

Tammy Marshall R.N. B.S.

Owner of Dharma and Yoga Center, Cortland, N.Y.

Spiritual leader and healer

Rarely does one witness the development of a spiritual leader and healer. I was fortunate to experience and witness this as a participant in a year long interdisciplinary circle of healers he gatherred at his wellness center. His open heart and mind facilitated the process in a seamless manner.

Ayelet Danielle Aldouby

Yoga Teacher / Art Curator

Dr. Ken Harris is a gifted healer

Dr. Ken Harris is a gifted healer. His many gifts include sincerity, honesty, accountability, and a capacity for deep listening. I treasured the sessions I’ve had with him. He is an open hearted healer and posses great wisdom based on his own life experiences.

Dahlia Bartz Cabe


Entertaining, uplifting, and intelligent

Our doctors found Dr. Harris entertaining, uplifting, and an intelligent, congruent messenger of this vital information, (seven spiritual laws of success), for personal growth.

Larry Markson, D.C. / Dennis Perman, D.C.

THE MASTERS, LLC, Lake Success, NY

Unique capacity to care about all he encounters with unparalleled enthusiasm

Dr. Ken Harris is one of a kind. He is a gifted healer and an exuberant liver of life. He has a unique capacity to care about all he encounters with unparalleled enthusiasm. I consider him a friend and a powerful healer as well as deeply caring human being. Having experienced him during my own healing journey and his care was exemplary

Eileen O'hare

Current Shamanism

Forever grateful

Many years ago a beautiful soul reached out to me and offered a healing session for me. I thought how could he possibly know that I, at that time could actually use some loving support and yes, also some healing? I had never experienced a healing from distance, but i had heard that this was possible and that there are people that are intune with such incredible insight that they can in fact see and feel beyond the ordinary senses.

So i agreed to this session and all I had to do was simply close my eyes and relax. I immediately felt a warmth and gentle energy surround me and sort of a lifting up of the pressure I had been experiencing in my head. I’ll NEVER forget this encounter and will be forever grateful. Ken Harris is a gift to our planet on so many levels.

Dr. Patti Cosmelli

Chiropractor, Tampla, FL